The Easter Sunday terror attacks in 2019 is grabbing both local and international attention once again after Britain’s Channel 4 television made new revelations in a recent documentary.

Almost all in the political divide are calling for an international investigation.

One side claims the bombings with political objectives had a mastermind behind it.

The other discounts the attacks to be an act of a group of religious fanatics.

In this light, a video claiming to be the last message of the Cinnamon Grand bomber is making rounds in social media.

In all, eight bombers carried out the attacks. One was Mohamed Ibrahim Inshaf Ahmed alias Abu Khalil.


Mohamed Ibrahim Inshaf Ahmed alias Abu Khalil


Several investigations at international level took place, covering the attack sites and all those involved.

Hundreds of electronic appliances were subjected to forensic tests. The FBI and Australia’s Federal police were among those investigating agencies.

One revelation made by them was a last message sent by Abu Khalil to his family.

Seven minutes in length (part of which is reproduced here), it was shared among his family just before he blew himself up at Cinnamon Grand Hotel, it has been confirmed.

Coming in Tamil, the message describes the reasons he had for carrying out the attack, and highlights the dislike he had for his family, especially his mother.


An English translation of the message translated to Sinhala is given below:

“This is the message to my mother, father and brothers. I am doing this in a hurry. Thought of speaking about a lot of things, but there was no chance. In brief, mother should seek forgiveness from god for her wrongs. Also, about father’s religious ways such as ties with those from other religions. He could not avoid helping Buddhist monks, which is Sirak Kufur.”

“By the time you hear this, I am with god. God should accept this not as a suicide, but as an offering. The reason for saying thus is this is the way of the god. If I want to die I can cut my throat at home or jump to my death somewhere. I am killing myself while killing others from a different religion in order to be with god.”

“I must escape from these problems. The Prophet said that during times of trouble, the faithful should be prepared to die. I made a successful deal with god. I committed my body, my money, my property for the ways of god. The god I always prayed to spoke to me in a dream. I did nothing on my own. God in his love showed me the way. Most of my sins can be forgiven by dying.”

“This country should have Sharia. God says in Quran to wage war religiously until all problems are removed. Read the Quran without fail. Read Hadees. Act in the same way the Prophet acted. Do it even if people disagree.”

“The Prophet is a god more intelligent than us. He preached what god said. Agreed, disagreed or angered by some, I did what the Prophet said. About everything, act just like the Prophet did. All should learn how to deal with other religions in an Islamic state. All should know how to act in a non-Islamic state. These are normal things.”

“My message to mother and father is to forgive me. I did nothing intentionally. You may be in trouble because of me. I chose this as the way of the god. This could create trouble for the family, my brothers, my parents. But, I cannot refrain from choosing this path.  Despite such troubles, this is being done for god. We may disagree on certain things, the god’s verdict can be known in the next birth. Thank you.”

“Even if you scold me hereafter, even into the next birth, I forgive you. So, forgive me too. Bear with the trouble. I did nothing intentionally. By doing this, I will become ‘Nifath’.

“The next thing is, together with Ilhamu, I will rise to eminence. We are going to die. That will put you into a lot of trouble. Even police may arrest and imprison mother and father. I have no other choice. Jihad is a must in these times. Muslims are killed in groups and the dogs responsible relish it before our eyes,” he ended his message.


Who is Insaf Ahmed


A son of well-known spice trader Mohamed Ibrahim, his statement can help understand the complex mentality of extremists. It makes clear how one thinks after becoming a religious fanatic. A correct reading of such statements could help understand the importance of imposing and enforcing laws against radicalization.

It was Insaf Ahmed who had bought swords and firearms and distributed them among chosen groups in March 2018 following the disturbances in Digana. Also, he gave 23,500 US dollars to send one Muhusin of Dehiwela to Syria in November 2018.

Also, he gave Rs. 34 million of family company money to Rilwan on April 17, 2019 and distributed Rs. 59 million for the maintenance of the families of the suicide bombers.

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(By a special correspondent)



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