An expert committee that probed recent instances of medicines allergies and their after-effects handed over its report to health minister Keheliya Rambukwella yesterday (09).

The committee is headed by director of the Medical Research Institute Dr. Dedunu Dias.

According to the report, of the six cases analysed in detail, five had met the anaphylaxis criteria, which is a life-threatening allergic reaction that occurred swiftly.

Among the five patients who had anaphylaxis, the causality assessment using causality assessment criteria categorised four adverse drug reactions as probable due to the suspected medicine.

The committee has made 12 recommendations, including a revisiting and establishing national and institutional guidelines and protocols on anaphylaxis management and emergency management.

The Committee also recommended developing a mandatory continuous professional development mechanism or training programme for medical officers and nursing officers on emergency management of anaphylaxis.


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Make report public - Kumudesh

President of the Association of Health Professionals Ravi Kumudesh said the medicine issue in healthcare accounted for only one per cent of the country’s health problems.

Although the committee could not be expected to soothe overall health issues, it is the only time when a study was conducted on the country’s health service and therefore the public needed to be made aware of the findings, he said.

Kumudesh said the committee that studied the issue had not been able to do a technical or laboratory study.


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