The dissolution of several local government bodies is under consideration, said subject state minister Janaka Wakkumbura.

He said the matter has been discussed with prime minister Dinesh Gunawardena, who is also the subject minister.

LG bodies involved in acts of fraud or corruption will be dissolved upon receiving legal advice, Wakkumbura told Neth News.

According to political sources, the president is to take a decision in this regard after February 08.

On January 31, LG commissioners met the Election Commission and asked for the dissolution of LG bodies to prevent misuse of their properties to ensure a free and fair election.

Election commissioner general Saman Sri Ratnayake said their request has been referred to the subject minister.

Ratnayake said state officials have been told to take every step possible to prevent misuse of state resources at election campaigning.

Chairman of the Election Commission Nimal Punchihewa said the subject minister is the authority on deciding whether to dissolve the LG bodies.

Responding to allegations by election monitors that properties of LG bodies are being used for campaigning, state minister Wakkumbura said he advised LG members to refrain from doing anything detrimental to the election.

A gazette notification has announced the LG polls will take place on March 09.


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