A young pillion-rider in Jaffna had been badly beaten up by STF commandos and Army men for not wearing a helmet, according to reports.

The Human Rights Commission (HRCSL) said it would proceed with an investigation after receiving a report by the judicial medical officer.

Witnesses videoed the incident at Aladi junction in Manipay on the night of November 28.

One soldier was seen sitting atop the victim, aged 28, while another continued to kick him.

Another youth who pleaded with them not to attack had been abused in filth and driven away.

It all began when the pillion-rider asked that he be issued with a fine when police questioned him over his not wearing a helmet.

When crowds gathered, the injured youth was taken to Manipay police and was admitted to the Jaffna Hospital on the following day.

The Jaffna branch of the HRCSL recorded a statement from him this morning.



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