The decades-old curse of the Tamil people has taken the form of a rage of the Sinhalese to render the high-riding Rajapaksas invalid today, says a Tamil people’s organisation in the East.

Rajapaksas are now left as a symbol of ugliness, head of the Tamil Sentience Organisation Ganapathipillai Mohan alias ‘Theatre Mohan’ has said at a media briefing at his office at Chenkaladi in Batticaloa.

Mohan was released on bail just days ago after his detention since May 2021 under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) on an allegation of promoting LTTE ideals on social media.

Despite the amendments introduced to the PTA, Tamil political prisoners still remain behind bars, he charged.

Mohan requested new president Ranil Wickremesinghe to annul the PTA in its entirety.

He said no one knows as to what had happened to an island-wide signature collection campaign by the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) calling for the PTA’s abolition.

Despite his disagreeing with the TNA’s political standpoint, he said that it should be considered as the leading party of the Tamils.

All politicians who have a thought for the Tamils should get together for the PTA’s removal, he said.

Speaking further, Mohan said his organisation would visit the villages and raise public awareness on what voters could do, including not to elect persons who are of no use to society.

Urging the Tamil people not to retreat from matters relating to their rights, Mohan said his intention was to see an amalgamation of the East with the North to make it an area of unparalleled magnitude.

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