The Chinese company that had placed a tender for the construction of the Central Expressway Project's (CEP -03) Rambukkana to Galagedera section has written to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa regarding a potential tender irregularity.

The Metallurgical Corporation of China (MCC) Ltd., in its letter to the President, has pointed out that their firm is ranked 92 in 'Fortune 500 Companies' and has outlined the benefits to Sri Lanka if they are offered the contract for construction of the 20 km section from Rambukkana to Galagedera.

Noting that the MCC has already completed ahead of schedule the Colombo - Katunayake Expressway and Outer Colombo Highway to the full satisfaction of the Ministry of Highways, the company has informed the President of the huge disparity in the estimated cost for the project between the two bidders.

Along with the MCC, a local company had also placed a bid for the construction of the Rambukkana to Galagedera section.

However, MCC has alleged that the relevant authorities have only reviewed the local company's financial proposal.

The MCC has pointed out that the total cost for the Government of Sri Lanka for 15 years would amount to USD 1050 Million (LKR 374.4 Billion).

According to the local company's financial proposal, it would cost the Sri Lankan Government USD 1872 Million (LKR 210 Billion) for 15 years.


Accordingly, the MCC has revealed the offer made by it shows a price difference of USD 822 Million (Rs. 164.4 Billion).


Recalling that China has been a long time friend and partner of Sri Lanka for infrastructure development projects, MCC has called on the President to look into the matter and accept its letter as its official expression of interest for the project.


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