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One of the island's leading healthcare associations says there are three reasons for the declining Covid-19 infections in the capital.

According to the College of Medical Laboratory Science (CMLS), the main reason for this is the slowing down of Covid tests at a much faster rate than the decrease of Covid-19 cases.

"But we are not saying it has declined. It's declining. That means the rate of increase in infections has decreased," President of the CMLS Ravi Kumudesh said, addressing a media briefing held in Colombo on Monday (20).

He noted that the other two factors that contribute to the decrease in the number of Covid infections are the vaccinations and the fact that most people have already been infected with Covid-19.


Ravi Kumudesh pointed out that due to the reduction in the number of tests, it is not possible to analyze the current situation scientifically. He further emphasized that this could lead to a re-emergence of yet another wave of Covid-19.


He alleged that the Deputy Director General of Laboratory Services of the Ministry of Health is directly responsible for the reduction in the number of Covid tests, and that his decisions have prevented and delayed the arrival of new technology and testing facilities in the country.

Watch Ravi Kumudesh's explanation of the declining number of Covid-19 infections in the video below.