Over 200 public sector trade unions, including Grama Niladhari officers and surveyors, will engage in a trade union action by taking ‘sick leave’ today (8) and tomorrow, according to the Trade Unions Collective.

Government officials across several sectors, including postal workers, surveyors, agricultural regulators, Grama Niladhari officers, development officers, and prosperity officers, will participate in the strike starting today.

NM Wijeratne, President of the State and Provincial Public Management Association, stated that these trade unions are protesting based on several demands, including a salary increase.

Chinthaka Bandara, the co-convener of the United Postal Trade Unions’ Front, mentioned that postal workers began their strike at 4 p.m. yesterday in support of this action.

The General Secretary of the Ceylon Teachers’ Union (CTU), Joseph Stalin, said that although the CTU reported to work today, they have decided to take sick leave tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the Government Medical Officers’ Association and the Nurses’ Association have decided not to support the strike concerning the healthcare sector.

As a result, health sector operations have continued without any issues.

However, there is a risk that public services will be disrupted due to the planned strike by trade union representatives today.

(Ada Derana)

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