A Sri Lankan expatriate employed as a food delivery driver in Kuwait has reportedly been shot by a customer over a delayed order.

The 44-year-old, hailing from Rajanganaya, says he has been living in Kuwait for about 8 years now.

Giving his account of the incident, Lakshman Thilakaratne, said it happened on January 10.

According to him, the initial location details given by the customer were wrong, and as a result, he had to drive to a different location to complete the delivery.

However, the customer in question, agitated by the delay, had opened fire when Thilakaratne arrived at his doorstep.

He reportedly sustained serious injuries to his abdomen.

After being shot, he said he drove his car back with blood gushing out from the wounds and contacted an Indian acquaintance who rushed him to the hospital.

Thilakaratne, who is the father of two daughters aged 10 and 13, is urging respective authorities to help him seek justice for the harrowing incident he had to face and take necessary measures to repatriate him to Sri Lanka.


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