Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) Deputy National Organiser and MP S.M. Marikkar yesterday (12) proposed that the country must only abolish the Executive Presidency following the Presidential election of 2024.

Addressing a press conference, Marikkar said the SJB would not endorse any attempt to eliminate the position before the election, as it would only serve to enable President Ranil Wickremesinghe and the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) to prolong their tenure in power.

The MP pointed out that although certain NGOs have been vocal about the executive presidency, they have failed to address the concerns of the people, such as rising taxes and living costs. 


Additionally, he noted that the SLPP currently does not possess the two-thirds majority in Parliament required to pass a motion to abolish the position.

Hence, to avert further crises in the nation, it is imperative to uphold the people’s democratic rights. Following this, a decision can be made based on the collective opinion of the populace,” he emphasised.

Meanwhile taking a shot at the National People’s Party (NPP) the MP expressed that the nation’s recovery from the present circumstances solely hinges upon a group capable of engaging with the global arena while adhering to a right-wing economic framework. 


He emphasised that the public anticipates such a program from a group, and they recognise that this program is embodied within the SJB.

“Recovery of the country requires a collective of skilled individuals across diverse fields, possessing a comprehensive understanding of both economic and societal dynamics, coupled with strong ties to the international community,” he said.

The MP however noted that the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) which leads the NPP is attempting to become the main opposition party in the current political circumstance.

Commenting on the NPP leadership’s recent visit to India at the invitation of the Indian Government, the MP recalled the party’s history of opposing what it termed as Indian Expansionism. 


He referenced a significant chapter in the party’s past, noting its involvement in an insurrection in 1971, which resulted in the loss of numerous young lives.

“At the time, they expelled investors from the country. How delightful that a group known for extorting money from investors and hindering both local and foreign investment is set to meet with investors in India. Ironically, a group responsible for jeopardising the future of the country’s youth community is now engaging in such endeavours,” he remarked. 


“The JVP, in 2001, diverted individuals who had brought investments worth Rs. 450 billion to the country due to their opposition to restructuring public finances. The JVP has contributed to the economic bankruptcy of the country,” he claimed.

“Had the public institutions been restructured and the “Revival of Sri Lanka” program implemented, Sri Lanka’s economic status would likely have improved today. The JVP is now recognising the advantages of Indian investments and the benefits of collaborating with investors. The JVP is striving to become the main Opposition force,” Marikkar added.



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