President Ranil Wickremesinghe is unlikely to commit political suicide by holding parliamentary elections first, said Pivithuru Hela Urumaya leader Udaya Gammanpila.

Instead, he will announce presidential polls first, Gammanpila told a media briefing yesterday (08).

Contrary to certain opinions, the MP said he believed a presidential election would be announced due to various reasons.

One is that the present parliament is a very favourable one for Wickremesinghe, under which he can bring in legislation at his will and enjoy powers of the executive.

A general election will certainly result in the end of the present regime, also rendering the executive presidency inactive, said the MP.

As per our constitution, the real power is not behind the executive presidency, but with the person who wields majority support in parliament, he said giving five examples from history.

One happened when Wickremesinghe gained power in 2001, with the then president Chandrika Kumaratunga being relegated to a mere viewer.

“We do not think Mr. Ranil will be foolish enough to shorten the term of his presidency which fell upon him by chance without enjoying its powers to the maximum,” he said.

Gammanpila predicted that the presidential election would take place within a month from 18 September.


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