Dhammika Perera, the leading businessman who is being considered by the SLPP as a presidential candidate, is now talking to Tamil and Muslim parties.

He has told ‘Irida Deshaya’ that he has held successful discussions with two Tamil parties and one Muslim party regarding the presidential election.

He declined to give details.


Unity can steer country to development


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Meanwhile, Perera addressed ‘Sathutu Pavula’ educational and trade fair in Kirindiwela yesterday (30) and said unity among all could take the country to development.

“In 2024, you will have to decide what should be the future for the country. We will have to depart from traditional thinking and decide if we should make it attractive or unattractive for our children. Unity among us can take the country to development,” he said.

Perera went onto say that a three-fold increase in the income of a family could make us a developed country.

For that, more jobs have to be generated and each village has to have some of its people reach the helm of education.

He noted that technical and educational exhibitions like ‘Sathutu Pavula’ could contribute in that regard.


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