The Mawbima Janatha Party is not in the business of hoodwinking the people with manifestoes that will never be realised, but is a party that is led by strategic guiding principles that will benefit the entire nation, according to its leader Dilith Jayaweera.

He made this statement at the party’s Gampaha Conference, held at the auditorium of Sumedha Vidyalaya.

Adressing the gathering, he said;

“We don’t want a country run on loans. What we want is a nation built on the fundamental principles of entrepreneurship and creativity, that actively seeks opportune solutions to elevate Sri Lanka from its present quagmire.

The country has not benefited one iota from all of the political meetings held in the recent past; no wonder that people don’t want to waste time by attending these useless meetings any more.

The people who are here, are here because they truly believe that we have a creative and strategic solution to launch the nation in a new and fruitful direction. It is a direction that will not send our people back home, empty handed. It is a structured plan that will achieve tangible results within given timelines.

The corrupt elements in this country must be weeded out, not a little at a time, but in its entirety. Until we do, this country cannot be redeemed. The Mawbima Janatha Party stands ready to give you that opportunity to do what is right.

Throughout recent history, the kingmakers of this land have been the people of the Gampaha district – responsible for electing governments, as well as sending them back home.


You influenced the 2004 government, sent the Prime Minister home, helped to end the war, helped Mahinda and helped Gotabaya – but to no avail. The country did not benefit. This is why we have envisioned a brand new political party that understands the Sri Lankan psyche, is close to the heartbeat of our people; a party that can save this country. A party that speak for and on behalf of young people and people who think young. Together, we can embark on a creative and transformative journey. We don’t come to you with a manifesto, we actually bring a tangible, workable plan. This country is full of creative innovators. We are capable of new thoughts, we are capable of new things. We don’t want a welfare state. This attempt is to create a nation that our people will actually be happy to live in.


Countries that have sought entrepreneurial, innovative answers to their questions have gone far or are in the process of going far. Our giant neighbour, with a population of 1.6 billion people, got on to the fast track of development by adopting innovative solutions to their existing problems.

India simply embraced the entrepreneurial spirit of its people and made it a state policy. Why can’t we do it? Because our governments never understood the heartbeat of our people.

They only want to know the people’s wants and needs when an election is looming. They don’t care about the people after an election. They have made politics their job for life. Politics is what we do to benefit the people, not ourselves.”

Senior Leader of MJP Hemakumara Nanayakkara said;


Hemakumara Nanayakkara

“Our country needs a new party. The people have lost all faith in the people who have governed them for so long: the same people, who have hurt them so badly.

People will never forget the violence these parties have engendered. The old guard are now worried about us. It is because our party has a plan, an innovative solution to give a fair price to the producer and a fair price to the consumer.

We have the leadership that believes in developing agriculture in Sri Lanka, through which Sri Lanka can be developed.

We have the capability and the drive to banish these corrupt politicians and their outdated practices, and usher in a new era of development and happiness to our beloved nation.”

Chairman of MJP Dr Sarath Amunugama said;


Dr.Sarath Amunugama


“Our country is teetering on a precipice today. Governments are determined by the people of the Gampaha district. But today, the people are suspicious of politicians.

We are ready to introduce a revolutionary change to this country through new political thought that will provide the right kind of leadership to the country, whereby plenty of new opportunities will be created through new industries and new jobs.

53% of our population are women, who acutely feel the shortcomings of successive governments and the hardships this has entailed. This majority is with us and poised to usher in the future we all deserve.”


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