Public security minister Tiran Alles has ordered the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) to conduct a full investigation into the resignation of Mullaitivu magistrate T. Saravanaraja, who has since left the country.

He is now reportedly in Canada.

Saravanaraja cited various intimidations as the reasons for his decision to resign.


BASL calls for thorough impartial investigation


In a statement regarding the magistrate’s resignation, the Bar Association of Sri Lanka vehemently condemned any type of threats and violence to members of the judiciary.

The statement warned that the resignation of the Mullaitivu magistrate may raise serious questions about the safety of judicial officers in Sri Lanka.

Therefore, the BASL urged the government to initiate a thorough impartial investigation into the incident.


Case draws international media attention


Meanwhile, a foreign website reporting on legal news and commentary said in an article that Saravanaraja’s resignation and flight sparks concern over nation’s judicial independence.

The website,, said,

The resignation letter of Sri Lankan Judge T. Saravanaraja emerged online Thursday, with media reports saying the judge fled the country. In the letter, addressed to the Secretary of Sri Lanka’s Judicial Services Commission, Judge Saravanaraja cited the “threat of my life and … [a] lot of stress” as the reasons for his decision to step down.

“The circumstances surrounding Saravanaraja’s resignation have raised questions about the independence of the judiciary in Sri Lanka. Several legal and political figures have voiced their concerns about the pressure exerted on the judiciary and its potential impact on judicial autonomy,” it said.


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