Civil aviation minister Nimal Siripala de Silva summoned SriLankan Airline officials for a meeting at 9.30 am today (02) to discuss its frequent flight delays and cancellations of late.

The management of the national carrier and its trade union representatives were due to attend.

Some foreign tourists have gone online with allegations of inefficiency by SriLankan, also adversely affecting the tourism industry.

In the most recent instance, around 200 passengers bound for Kathmandu were inconvenienced yesterday morning.

Among them was state minister Sisira Jayakody, who claimed a union action for the delay.


Agitated passengers


Two days earlier, social media circulated footage of passengers becoming agitated following what the airline claimed were technical issues of multiple flights.

Yesterday’s flight UL 181 for the Nepalese capital was to leave at 8.20 am.

Although passengers boarded the plane by 7.15 am, it did not depart until 11.00 am.

Discontent passengers videoed their plight and released to the internet.

They said a promise to send them by another plane to their destination did not happen.

Hours later, it was announced the flight had been cancelled.


Conspiracy claim!


Meanwhile, an advisor to ex-president Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Eranda Ginige, has said these delays and cancellations could be the result of a conspiracy.

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