Sri Lankan students from the Burhani Serendib School in Colombo who participated in the International Creativity and Innovation Awards 2024 in Thailand won the Titanium award (second highest) for their exceptional display in the field of robotics.

The Sri Lankan team competed with 25 countries. Over 1000 students representing 441 teams from four continents participated in the International competition.

This is the first time Sri Lanka competed in such a global event displaying their robotic skills.

The Sri Lankan students also clinched the Awards for the 'Most Interesting Solution' and won full scholarships for its students from the Paragon International University in Cambodia.

Six off site teams who also participated from the school also won the bronze and silver awards.

The students who are from the Dawoodi Bohra Community received high praise from the event organizers for their presentation and uniqueness in the field of robotics while displaying the Sri Lankan flag in the background of all its presentations.

The students were joined by Principal of Burhani Serendib School Dr. Shabbir Husain and Head of IT, Murtaza Hamid.

The six students who participated in the competition are Husain Zohair, Huzaifa Dawood, Hatim Zohair, Mohammed Moiz, Mufaddal Shiraz and Hatim Abdulhussain.

(Daily Mirror)


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