Tamil MP Selvarajah Kajendran has lodged a complaint against a Buddhist monk and archaeology officials for allegedly having obstructed a Hindu religious event in Mullaitivu.

Kajendran complained to police on 18 August against Galgamuwe Shanthabodhi Thera, chief Sangha Nayake of northern province.

The incident in question happened during a Pongal Pooja by Hindus at Kurunthur Malai archaeological site also claimed Buddhists.

Media footage showed the monk obstructing a Tamil woman from making offers to statues of gods at a location earmarked by the Archaeology Department.



At the same time, Buddhist activities were conducted at a Stupa there, by monks led by Balangoda Kasyapa Thera, an activist at GotaGoGama.




Shanthabodhi Thera had announced three-days of religious activities at Kurunthurmalai and did a poster campaign to provoke Buddhists, correspondents said.

Fearing clashes, the Archaeology Department complained to the police, which obtained a court order and Pongal ceremony organizers were issued with seven conditions.

For the duration of the ceremony, police and STF commandos were deployed at Kurunthur Malai.




The Archaeology Department has informed courts that there was no prohibition against holding Hindu activities there.


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