Billionaire businessman and Member of Parliament Dhammika Perera says that he is ready to contest the upcoming Presidential Election if the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) takes a decision.

Perera made this remark while attending the inauguration of the SLPP’s centre for professionals, which was held this morning (05).

The event was also attended by SLPP National Organiser MP Namal Rajapaksa.

Commenting further, MP Perera said: “I am prepared to contest the Presidential Election, pending the decision of the biggest political party of Sri Lanka on their candidate. I await their decision while continuing to work towards my victory.”

“My primary focus is on developing the economy… If I am to take the stage, I have to explain how I plan to develop the economy. Therefore, I am currently formulating an economic programme. The decision rests with SLPP.”

“Many political parties have campaigned for nearly two years, yet none have presented a clear plan for economic development. With only 90 days remaining, it is imperative to outline a comprehensive economic strategy to earn the confidence of the population”, he added.

“I have personally demonstrated how the education sector can be improved, investing my own resources. My ‘DP Education’ platform stands ready to be implemented in all 10,000 schools with minimal setup required for smart classrooms.”

“Within 60 days, we can present our economic development program and persuade undecided voters to support us”, the SLPP parliamentarian further said.

(Ada Derana)

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