Managing Director of OPEX holdings Onesh Subasinghe has been found dead in a serviced apartment in Jakarta, Indonesia, according to

The 45-year-old billionaire businessman Subasinghe was on a leisure trip along with his Brazilian wife, daughter aged four.

They had been accompanied by an unidentified Brazilian female, whom the family had met in Colombo prior to their departure to Jakarta.

Subasinghe was last in contact with his family in Colombo on February 02 and due to the lack of contact thereafter, the family in Sri Lanka had contacted the apartment management and requested that they check up on Subasinghe.

As the apartment management was unable to reach Subasinghe despite several attempts, the management had entered the apartment to find one of the room doors locked.

It was then that the management had proceeded to break open the room door and Subasinghe’s body was found.

CCTV footage from the serviced apartment shows the wife of Subasinghe, the daughter and the unidentified female leaving the apartment after leaving a 'do not disturb' sign on the door.

Family members who visited Jakarta after the incident have found that the trio had left the country on a Doha bound flight, and their whereabouts are unknown.

Jakarta police are conducting investigations and it is suspected that Subasinghe was murdered.

The Foreign Ministry and the Sri Lankan ambassador are also looking into the incident.

OPEX holdings website says Subasinghe held a bachelor's degree in science from Cornell University, USA and had vast knowledge in investment, academics and experience.

OPEX is the first company in Sri Lanka to manufacture specialty liquid fertilizers for local and international markets, and has been the pioneer in the field of integrated nutrition management in Sri Lanka.


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