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A Tamil commemoration week in Batticaloa has been halted by a court citing Covid-19 health regulations and several criminal law provisions.

A week of commemoration was organised in Batticaloa to mark the death anniversary of Rasaiya Parthipan alias Thileepan, the Jaffna political leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), who died 34 years ago during a deadly fast against the Indian Peace Keeping Force while also citing several other demands.

Thileepan died on September 26, 1987 in a fast that began in front of the University of Jaffna on September 15, 1987.

This year's commemoration which was scheduled to be held on a plot of land in the Kattankudy Police Division in Batticaloa from September 15 to 26 has now been banned by the Batticaloa Magistrate's Court at the request of the Kattankudy Police.

Acting OIC of the Kattankudy Police T.P Gajanayake had requested the court to issue an order preventing the commemoration, saying that such commemorations could lead to attacks by those opposing it and that it should be banned in accordance with the current Covid-19 health regulations.

The Kattankudy OIC said that the plans to hold the commemoration were uncovered by police intelligence units.

Accordingly, the Batticaloa Magistrate's Court issued an order banning the commemoration of Thileepan to Batticaloa Mayor Theagarajah Saravanabavan, Krishnapillai Seyon, Perimbarasa Jenagan and Kadaharan Nishanthan.