Plantation Enterprise Reform Minister and Finance State Minister Dr. Ranjith Siyambalapitiya announced that the increase in wages for plantation workers will definitely be implemented.

The Minister also stated that contracts with government-owned estate companies that do not agree to increase wages will be cancelled.

Minister Siyambalapitiya added that the contracts of these cancelled estate companies will be re-assigned to other companies that agree to the terms in a transparent manner.

In addition to the proposed gazette for the wage increase of plantation workers, the current gazette was issued on May 21.

Accordingly, the basic salary of plantation workers will be increased to Rs. 1,350 with immediate effect. The total increase, including the Rs. 350 special allowance, will bring the salary to Rs. 1,700.

Further commenting on the matter, the Minister stated: “There are about 24 plantation companies that have leased plantation land from the government.

If any of these companies claim they are unable to pay the increased wages, the Ministry of Finance will appoint a committee to investigate. If a group that has leased estates since 1995 is unable to pay the new salary, this committee will first determine whether the issue is due to external factors or internal problems.

If it is determined that internal issues prevent the estate workers from receiving the increased wages necessary for their livelihood, the government is prepared to cancel the lease agreements with those companies and reassign these estates to new investors.

“These estates will be given to new investors under a competitive process. New leases will be awarded to groups that can manage export-oriented production, employee welfare, infrastructure, and the use of new technology.”

(Daily News)


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