The Tamil National People's Front has urged their people in the north and the east to boycott the next presidential polls.

In a statement, the party described this particular election as one to elect a leader to work for the majority within a unitary state.

Tamils, who want a federal structure for the country, have the only option to show their rejection of such a leadership by boycotting the election.

Also, they can demonstrate that they would not abandon their rights for fear of repression, said the party statement.

Election commission chief R.M.A.L. Ratnayake has announced the presidential polls would take place within one month period from 17 September this year.

The TNPF has two MPs in Gajendra Kumar Ponnambalam as its leader and Selvarja Kajendran as secretary.


Tamil candidate


Meanwhile, Tamil parties in the north are yet to agree on a proposal that they should field a common candidate.

MP Sivagnanam Sritharan has said the ITAK will consult its district bodies and take a final decision.


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