Allegations of unauthorised constructions have been levelled against the Sri Lanka army over its activity in a public park in the war torn northern town of Kilinochchi.

The construction work has not received the relevant permission from government authorities in charge of land administration.

Tamil politicians are suspicious whether these construction activities in a public park adjacent to a war monument, is an attempt to build a military camp.

Following an observation of the venue, Tamil National People's Front’s (TNPF) spokesperson Attorney at Law Kanagaratnam Sugas called for an immediate halt to these construction activities, taking place in the Chandran park in Kilinochchi without the approval of the local authorities - Karachchi Pradeshiya Sabha.

“The army has commenced unauthorized construction work in the Chandran public park. It is a public park that belongs to the people. Any construction work can only be conducted after obtaining permission from the Karachchi Pradeshiya Sabha. Even then, the army cannot do that. We request that this be stopped immediately.”

Lawyer Sugas had emphasized to local journalists that several attempts to ‘invade’ land in the Killinochchi district took place in the recent past.

“In the recent past, various attempts were made targeting land in the Killinochchi district. Excavation activities have begun in land owned by Tamil people in Ponnaweli. An invasion of land has taken place in Rudrapuram claiming that there is a Buddhist temple there. The name of Nachchikuda Tamil School has been changed.”

He has further alleged that Sinhala-Buddhist dominance is being spread in the area through acquiring Tamil people’s land.

“What does this show? The state apparatus has been directed towards Kilinochchi. The attempt to invade Kilinochchi has been intensified. We are going to take a strong stand against this. We will soon hold a massive protest. The people should think about this. If we lose Kilinochchi, it will be intensified. Sinhala-Buddhist dominance is being forced in the area through the acquisition of Tamil people’s land. We cannot allow that.”

On 4 May, publishing four photographs on X account (formerly Twitter), which depict the army engaged in certain construction work in the Chandran park, TNPF Parliamentarian Selvarajah Kajendran questioned on whose permission the army is conducting such activities.

“Is the Chandran park in Kilinochchi being turned into a permanent military camp? Is there an attempt to build a Buddhist Vihara there? On whose authority is the genocidal military conducting such construction activities? Everything must be stopped immediately. The army must leave immediately.”

There is a massive military presence in the Vanni region, and despite the fact that the war ended 15 years ago, the people of the area are still struggling to take back the land that was taken over by government defense forces during the war and its aftermath.



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