Critics of president Ranil Wickremesinghe’s remark about the rope bridge are the ones who broke bridges in history, said UNP leader for Colombo Ravi Karunanayake.

They say various things about the economy without having proper awareness about the economy’s structure, he told the media in Colombo.

The former finance minister said the parties that opposed India and set fire to the country then have changed their policy today and find that country to be a friend.

That means their policy at the time was wrong, and ours was correct, he said.

The president will table a permanent act for economic reforms to ensure stability and an equal playing ground for all, he also said.

Karunanayake urged public servants to provide a smart service to the country.

Noting that economic modernization and promoting entrepreneurship are required to take the country forward, he proposed that competitive commodity imports be allowed as against the existing license quota system to prevent bribery and corruption.

When a journalist asked if the proposed act intends to centralize financial power, Karunanayake said parliament has the financial powers delegated to the finance minister.

No issues will arise despite claims to the contrary since parliament approves all financial transactions, he pointed out.

Speaking further, Karunanayake said president Wickremesinghe would be fielded as the nonpartisan candidate at the presidential polls.

All parties could contribute towards his victory and ensure a continuation of the success achieved for the country by a single person, he said.

"Foreign debt restructuring is in its final stages now, and a team is representing the country at the ongoing talks. Once its results are intimated to the IMF’s executive committee, the country can move forward without a debt burden," Karunanayake added.

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