Dhammika Perera, the founder and chairman of DP Education, said that he was able to unite the country divided by politics through education.

He was addressing the certificate presentation ceremony at ‘DP Education IT Campus’ at Mahinda Wijesekera Stadium, Matara yesterday (28).

A unique program under ‘DP Education’ which has become Asia’s number one education channel, ‘DP Education IT Campus’, for the presentation of certificates to the students who have completed each project phase, with the participation of more than ten thousand (10,000) people from both the lay and clerical sides.

Perera, who further commented, said, “In those days, the rice book was given. It gave rice. After that, the assembly was given. Prosperity was given. Reassured. Now they are giving rice again. Twenty percent of our population was going to take it when lunch was given. Today, fifty per cent of our population buys ten kilos of rice. Where has the poverty of this country gone? We have to bow down to the government for ten kilos of rice.”

“It is easy for the politician to control such a group. But can we survive as a country with this system? The only method for that is to arm ourselves with education. Our children should decide whether we will wait for the government to give us ten kilos of rice, or whether we will come to the point where someone else can buy ten kilos of rice. We can go there only through education. Today I have united the country divided by politics through education. Even in this assembly, there may be people of two or three colours politically. Ask the politicians who come before you to build the country and tell them how to build the village before building the country. There are many speakers in this country. “There are few people who act on the story.”

“Any government university in this country takes a maximum of 200 students in the IT subject per year. If we take the three years, only 600 students have the opportunity. But 1000 students can study in a DP Education IT campus that I give to a village. It means that I have given this village a bigger university than any university in this country. Otherwise, if you go to university and study, you need to study for 3 years to get a job.”

“But here we provide the necessary knowledge in one year. We have provided the shortest way to solve the economic problem of the country and the opportunity for students to study without stress. Also, along with the projects that a student completes, we have designed this program in such a way that the student’s ability to solve a question that comes before him in the environment in which he lives increases.”

“Parents of the children here have experienced that,” emphasized Perera while explaining the timeliness and importance of this educational program.


The DP Education IT Campus course consists of 324 projects and one has to spend Rs. 2.5 million to complete the full course offered completely free of cost.Perera said that nearly 10,000 students who have met the cut-offs of each stage from 12 DP Education IT campuses located in Matara district have become certificate recipients in this program and the course value of those certificate recipients is RS. 4000 million in total.


“We say that after death one goes to heaven or hell. But in finding solutions to problems we can make a heaven while we are alive or we can create hell here in the problems. But with the feeling that a child has been created who can make a home a heaven through this DP Education IT campus, Perera requested the parents gathered there today to be proud of their children.

Also, he expressed his belief that the Lord of the village temple has given his whole life for the village in the same way that a bodhisattva gives his eyes, water and moon’s blood and fills a paramita and that through the implementation of this program through the intervention of the temple, he expressed his confidence here.

72 students who completed the education through the DP Education IT Campus and qualified for the DP Silicon Valley IT Office, which is the professional stage, were also evaluated in this work.


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