Police have questioned a school in Jaffna over the ‘niyangala’ flower, the Tamil national flower, and tank shapes of huts at their inter-house sports-meet.

Along with the Army, police arrived at Union School at Thelippalai and inquired into these stalls on 30 March.

Teachers and students were summoned to the police on the following day.

On 03 April, the school’s principal too, was summoned for an inquiry.

They were asked to explain who were behind the creation of the huts and the motives.

Claiming it to be a racist act, the Ceylon Teachers Union lodged a complaint on 02 April with the Jaffna office of the Human Rights Commission.

The commission asked the OIC of the police station to appear before it on 05 April.

However, he has sent a junior, who has said that the questioning took place on orders by superiors.



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