Sri Lanka Freedom Party National Organiser Duminda Dissanayake yesterday (04) declared the SLFP was to now embark on a new journey.

“Our membership yearns to set the party on a new path,” he said.

Following the court order against Sirisena, Dissanayake, accompanied by SLFP Treasurer Lasantha Alagiyawanna and Vice President Mahinda Amaraweera, who had recently obtained interim injunction orders against the SLFP executive committee’s decision to remove them from their posts, visited the party office yesterday.

Addressing a press conference at the party office, Dissanayake therefore urged all party members and former supporters to unite and work together to strengthen the party.

“We are no longer willing to engage in criticism against the Chairman. Our group is not motivated by a desire for political revenge against anyone. To all those who may have criticised us, voted in favour of our removal, or simply supported Maithripala Sirisena, we call upon you to unite with the party. Despite our differences, we are committed to safeguarding the interests of this party,” he said.

During the press briefing, Amaraweera blamed Sirisena for the decline in SLFP MP numbers.

“When he assumed leadership, we had 140 MPs. Now, we are down to only two. He ousted at least 500 organisers, bringing in individuals unsuitable for the party. This rift ensued as a result,” he asserted.

Amaraweera further emphasised that former leader Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga had no choice but to take action and seek a court order against Sirisena given the tragic state of the SLFP.

He also blamed Sirisena for the SLFP’s failure to form a coalition ahead of the polls.

“The leaders of other parties were not inclined to include him in the leadership council. It’s not our fault,” he remarked.

(Daily FT)

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