The intimacy ban for Olympic athletes has been lifted for the Paris Games with organisers making 300,000 free condoms available in the village.

The French capital - known as the City of Love - will welcome 9,000 athletes in the summer with the Games getting underway on July 26 and concluding on August 11, The Sun reports.

Three years ago in Tokyo, the coronavirus pandemic led to an intimacy ban among athletes as social distancing orders were enforced by the International Olympic Committee.

But Sky News have now revealed athletes will not have to adhere to those regulations in Paris.

And to encourage safe sex, 300,000 condoms will be made available in the Olympic village.

This is enough for each athlete to have two per day throughout the Games.

Laurent Michaud, director of the village, said: “It is very important that the conviviality here is something big.

“Working with the athletes commission, we wanted to create some places where the athletes would feel very enthusiastic and comfortable.”

In a break from convention, the bed frames athletes will sleep on are made out of cardboard.

However, they can support up to 250kg - meaning it will be able to withstand more than one person.

The Olympic village, which spans the size of 70 football pitches and has cost $3.29 billion, will also contain a huge buffet of food totalling “350 metres”, Michaud has confirmed.

But it is the lifting of the intimacy ban that has made headlines - particularly given past stories from athletes.

Former England international footballer Micah Richards, who represented Team GB at London 2012, spoke honestly last month about the antics in the village.

“It was the party of all parties. You got all the different athletes, all sorts of different specimens in there,” he said on the Rest is Football podcast

“Absolutely everything was there, we had McDonalds there, a Chinese, a big cafeteria with everything you want, it’s free.

“It’s what I imagine when you go to uni when you’re in halls and sharing a room, I was with Daniel Sturridge.

“Kobe Bryant was there, people were taking pictures with him, we were standing around exploring the village. I went up to say ‘legend, is it possible to have a photo’, and he said ‘no not right now!’

“I never felt so silly in all my life, he didn’t have a clue who Big Meeks was!

“We were there for three nights, we went training, come back to the village, them three nights we were up to 4am.

“You have different campuses, Team GB in one block, Brazil, France, all these countries, and there’s a massive big room full of condoms!

“It was like what, obviously promoting safe sex, and honest to god, I was on fire.

“I was on absolute fire, honestly. I was a little slimmer, a bit more ripped, bit more lean, it was summer time, walking around with my top off.

“There was multiple gold medals. one of the best times of my life, it was incredible.”

Paris is hosting its third Summer Olympic Games having previously welcomed the event in 1900 and 1924.

It is only the second city to host three Summer Olympics after London.

Los Angeles will host its third in 2028.



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