In an address during the donation of medical equipment to the Colombo Castle Street Women’s Hospital on International Women’s Day, Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa underscored the need for practical actions to safeguard women’s rights and enhance healthcare provisions in Sri Lanka.

Premadasa emphasized that merely convening meetings and echoing slogans are insufficient in protecting women’s rights.

He called for tangible demonstrations of commitment to women’s well-being, emphasizing that the rhetoric should translate into practical measures.

The Opposition Leader acknowledged the constitutional framework that safeguards civil and political rights but highlighted its omission of rights to health, education, and a better life.

He proposed an amendment under the Fundamental Rights Chapter of the Constitution to explicitly include the right to health, education, livelihood, and the right to engage in a profession.

Premadasa argued that it is not enough to have healthcare services labeled as free; continuous protection is essential.

He criticized the privileged upper classes for utilizing luxurious healthcare systems, emphasizing the need to ensure that free healthcare reaches all strata of society.

Addressing the gathering, Premadasa stressed the importance of protecting the rights of women, mothers, and children.

He called for a holistic approach, moving beyond symbolic gestures and advocating for meaningful change in the lives of citizens.

The Opposition Leader reiterated the importance of combating corruption without divisive accusations, emphasizing the need to eliminate corrupt thoughts from the political landscape.

During the event, medical equipment worth 4.6 million rupees, including an Incubator and two baby warmer machines, were donated to the Colombo Castle Street Women’s Hospital.



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