The salary hike for Central Bank officials cost an extra sum of Rs 232 million monthly, it was revealed at the party leaders meeting today.

The party leaders have informed the Central Bank officials that it is unfair for them to increase their salaries at a time when ordinary citizens are undergoing various hardships.

"Party leaders have also been of the opinion that Central Bank officials should have foregone a salary hike even if there was legal provisions for them to obtain it when people of this nation are undergoing difficulties," an official statement from Parliament media unit said.

It was revealed that the salary hike was illegal.

The party leaders have been of the opinion that the salary hike was illegal as no collective agreement has been registered with the Department of Labour.

They have also informed the officials that Central Bank was converted into an independent body to make independent decisions on the economy and not to increase their salaries.

The Central Bank officials have informed the party leaders that the salaries were increased as per a collective agreement signed with the trade unions representing employees of the bank.

However, it has been found that the collective agreement is not registered.



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