Two more suspects, both females, have been arrested from the Rathgama area for allegedly aiding and abetting the suspects involved in the recent killing of five persons at Beliatta, police said.

The two women were arrested following an operation carried out by a team of officers from the Hakmana Police Station in the Rathgama area yesterday morning (29).

The Police Media Unit said the arrested suspects are aged 23 and 33 while they are residents of Boossa.

Investigations have uncovered that the two firearms used in the shooting incident had been transported from Karapitiya to Boossa in a motorcycle belonging to one of these suspects after the crime was committed.

Hakmana Police are conducting further investigations.

On 23 January, a group of persons who had arrived in an SUV had opened fire at a white Defender near the Beliatta Interchange of the Southern Expressway.

In the shooting, which took place between 8:30 a.m. and 8:40 a.m., four persons were killed at the scene. The other person who was inside the Defender was rushed to the Tangalle Hospital with critical gunshot wounds, however, he succumbed to injuries shortly after.

Among the deceased was the leader of “Ape Jana Bala Pakshaya” (Our Power of People Party or OPPP) Saman Perera. The other four victims were identified as Sameera Madhusanka, Hasitha Chinsuka, Buddhika Rajapaksha, and Nalin Champika.

Previously, a total of four suspects had been arrested in connection with the incident.

One suspect was identified as the driver of the SUV used by the assailants. He is suspected to have been complicit in orchestrating the murders. The investigating officers also have found the SUV used by the assailants while parked near the Vidyaloka Pirivena in Galle.

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