Minister of Public Security, Tiran Alles, stated that he has been receiving letters, containing death threats, demanding an immediate halt to the Police anti-narcotic operation ‘Yukthiya’ (Justice).

He issued a warning that the operation will not be stopped under any circumstances and he is prepared to disclose the names and all details pertaining to the senders of these threatening letters if they persist in their actions.

Minister Alles made these remarks addressing a special workshop aimed at briefing the Community Police Committees of Avissawella.

He elaborated on the challenges faced upon assuming the responsibilities of the ministry, stating, “When we took over the ministry, the country was in a state of crisis and the Police Department had reached its lowest point. Our foremost challenge was the restoration of order and stability in the country.”

Highlighting the urgency of the situation, he mentioned, “Within a span of 48 hours, we implemented various measures to control the prevailing chaos. Failure to take such decisive actions would have resulted in continued hardships for the public, including long queues for fuel and gas.”

Minister Alles highlighted the importance of supporting the Police to uplift their capabilities.

Addressing the rising issues of drugs and the underworld, he mentioned, “We formulated plans to address this looming disaster, leading to the initiation of the justice operation about six months ago. Our primary focus was on curbing drug distribution, particularly in the Southern Province.”

Acknowledging the involvement of the underworld in various criminal activities, he expressed the government’s commitment to bring criminals to justice.

“Our objective is to apprehend individuals who have been a burden to the country, including those involved in daily killings. The Police are equipped to handle armed criminals as per the law, using force, when necessary,” he stressed.

Despite facing challenges and obstacles, both internationally and from local factions, Minister Alles emphasised that the ‘Yukthiya’ operation would continue.

He addressed concerns raised by a few lawyers representing NGOs, alleging threats and interference in the ongoing operation.

Minister Alless warned, “If these obstructions persist, we will take steps to disclose detailed information, including names, in the coming days.”

(Ceylon Today)

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