The National Police Commission has issued a set of guidelines to acting Inspector General of Police Deshabandu Thennakoon regarding the ongoing nationwide "Yukthiya" Operation.

That is in response to growing concerns from various organizations, including the lawyers' association, the Sri Lanka Human Rights Commission and the US Embassy.

The guidelines aim to address public apprehensions and ensure that the operation, designed to combat the escalating drug menace and organized crime, adheres to legal and human rights standards.

The National Police Commission expressed its focus on the purpose of the "Yukthiya" operation and acknowledged the concerns raised through mass and social media.

The Commission said it has extensively studied the complaints forwarded to them, leading to the formulation of specific guidelines aimed at maintaining transparency, upholding human rights and preventing any potential abuse of power.

The Commission has instructed the Acting IGP to ensure that all activities related to the "Yukthiya" operation are carried out within the existing legal framework of the country.

The Commission emphasized the need to conduct operations strictly in accordance with the law.

The Commission instructed that all officials involved in the operation must ensure that human rights are not violated during the execution of their duties.

The National Police Commission has warned that strict disciplinary action will be taken against any officers found to have acted against the law.

The Commission also instructed the IGP to communicate these guidelines to all police officials involved in the "Yukthiya" operation.



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