The FSP has urged the government to halt its so-called ‘Yukthiya’ operation against narcotic drugs, alleging it to be an oppressive injustice in the name of justice.

Drug users are being hunted down, instead of dealing with drug kingpins, which cannot eradicate the drug trade, said its education secretary Pubudu Jayagoda at a media briefing on 06 January.

“Now, there is this comedy by Tiran Alles and Deshabandu. It has been given the name Yukthiya. No one seems to speak against this injustice in the name of justice.”

He said that as a party, the FSP has decided to raise a voice against it, with the media being made by the Ranil, Rajapaksa and Deshabandu gang to keep dead silence.

Jayagoda made special reference to the shooting at a hotel at Pelenda in Weligama, and accused the police of concealing the truth behind the incident.

He claimed the public security minister who was having a personal issue with the hotel’s owner Hardy Jamaldeen, was using the police to take revenge from him.


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Similarly, acting IGP Deshabandu Tennakoon is said to have taken revenge from a former friend when he dismantled a hotel in Dehiwala, claiming it to be owned by a drug racketeer.

The FSP education secretary asked all parties to speak up against ‘Yukthiya’ operation.

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