Educational reforms planned for 2020 at a cost of more than Rs. 5,210 had been a waste of public money, the National Audit Office said in a report.

The State Ministry of Educational Reforms, Open Universities and Distance Education had spent the funds up to 2022 before that ministry became redundant.

The audit report notes that subjects of that state ministry were then transferred to the Education Ministry.

Another Rs. 350 million spent by the state ministry and the National Institute of Education too, was at the risk of becoming unproductive.

Responding, educational authorities have told the National Audit Office that the Presidential Secretariat ordered by letter dated 13 March 2023 to suspend educational reforms.

Future reforms will be decided by a cabinet subcommittee appointed by the president, they said further.

The report also raised the spending of Rs. 570 million on internet facilities for 622 schools and another Rs. 2,320 million on infrastructure development and purchase of equipment in 2021.

The National Audit Office has recommended the implementation of educational reforms as previously planned.



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