The downfall of the government began with the sacking of Roshan Ranasinghe from the cabinet on Monday (27), MP Wimal Weerawansa told Parliament yesterday (28).


Weerawansa alleged that the President’s decision to remove Roshan Ranasinghe from ministerial positions is indicative of Ranil Wickremesinghe’s true character.

He further accused the President of supporting individuals involved in corruption, describing it as siding thieves.

Weerawansa argued, “The current President ascended to the Presidency through the ‘Aragalaya,’ but yesterday, he revealed his true character.

He dismissed the Minister who spoke out against corruption and aligned with those who are corrupt.”

Recalling a similar incident during former President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s tenure, where both he and MP Udaya Gammanpila were removed from ministerial roles, Weerawansa suggested that this marked the beginning of the end of the Rajapaksa’s presidency.

Drawing parallels between the two situations, he alleged that Ranasinghe’s removal “clearly showed on whose side the President is on,” signalling the beginning of the end of Wickremesinghe’s presidency as well.

“Mark my words, Ranil Wickremesinghe will not contest a presidential election. I pity anyone who thinks he will. I believe he would rather assume a high post at an international organisation. He is not contemplating the future of this country. There will be no justice for this country during his brief tenure. He will only pursue personal gain during his time in office,” Weerawansa alleged.


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