The CID is now investigating the distribution among local hospitals of a substandard vaccine imported by forging documents.

It is pursuant to a written complaint lodged by the National Medicines Regulatory Authority (NMRA) on 03 October.

A statement is expected to be obtained from CEO of the NMRA Dr. Vijith Gunawardena tomorrow (17), said the police headquarters.




Three days ago, the CID was ordered to arrest those responsible and produce them before courts.

Top officials of the health ministry’s emergency purchase division and technical evaluation committee members are to be questioned as well.

Isolez Biotech Pharma AG Ltd. has imported 22,500 vials of the vaccine, human immunoglobulin, with Rs. 924 million paid by the state.

The importer is accused of producing forged documents to the controller of immigration and emigration for the import of this substandard vaccine.


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