The companies owned by entrepreneur Dhammika Perera each year imports merchandise to the tune of over Rs. 300 billion and there is not a single fraud

and this is because all their transactions run according to systems and are digitized.

If the Sri Lankan government can digitize all operation frauds can be minimized, he said at the fourth anniversary of the DP Education programme yesterday (11).

He said that Sri Lanka is still in an analog era and the country should fall in line with other countries by moving digital.

“This is not a tall order but only a vision and execution methodology is needed. My 23 year-old daughter was given the directorship of the company and I came out because there was a system in my organisation.”

He said that through his DP Education institute he is training young students with ICT knowledge and practicals and after his students have 960 hours they have readymade jobs in the corporate sector.

He said that due to the efficiency of the DP Education and its superior systems they won the Asian award and he said since no other country has a system of this nature he was confident of winning a world award as well. He also disclosed that within three hours of winning the Asian Award the Indian government contacted him and wanted to do a physical presentation in India on this subject.

He also said that the local education system too should be upgraded and the Smart Classrooms are the best option for the local education to reach international stranded. “Government don’t need to invest in this and to raise finances the roofs of 10,000 schools should be given to the private sector to install solar panels. Their rental can fund smart classrooms.”

Though we say that there are free education schools, the government charges Rs. 60 from each student for a term and there are children in the country that cannot get education after paying 60 rupees. “They have to go to the Grama Sevaka and get a letter to be exempted from paying school fees.”

The CEO of DP Education said that their courses are conducted in all three languages and free of charge. It was also disclosed that DP education plans to have one million students in three years in their schools by 2028.


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