South Korea has assured measures to open up new employment opportunities for Sri Lanka in Korea and to increase the number of jobs provided to Sri Lankans.

This was announced following an official meeting between Korea’s labour and employment minister Lee Jung-Sik and minister Manusha Nanayakkara yesterday (14).

At the invitation of his Sri Lankan counterpart, minister Jung-Sik arrived on a two-day official visit.

They had a long discussion on granting more employment opportunities for Sri Lankans in Korea.

After 20 years, the EPS system under which foreigners are recruited for employment in South Korea will be amended, with the result that Sri Lankan job aspirants will get more opportunities to work in Korea.


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Minister Nanayakkara requested that Korea opens up new employment fields such as the garment and caregiver sectors, and received a positive response from the Korean minister.

Also, a large number of workers are needed for jobs in the Korean ship construction industry and there are more opportunities for Sri Lankan skilled workers in that sector.

Minister Jung-Sik further assured the fullest support to provide more employment opportunities to Sri Lankans in Korea by further strengthening relations between the two countries.


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