Former president of Football Sri Lanka (FSL) Jaswar Umar alleges a conspiracy by saboteurs to prevent elections for FSL that will lead to the country being banned once again.


Umar, who contests for the FSL presidency, spoke to the media in Colombo yesterday (01) together with Dr. Manil Fernando, vice-president contender, and Sagara Piyatilake, former head of the Anuradhapura football league.

Elections for the FSL take place on 29 September, supervised by a three-member committee, after a more than seven month ban by FIFA was lifted recently.

Umar said a group of 10 who got their nominations rejected and certain members of ‘Aragalaya’ are allying together in an attempt to get the elections sabotaged.

One ‘Aragalaya’ member is trying to extort money from him, he alleged, with an offer to get him elected for Rs. three million, which had since been reduced.

A complaint will be lodged with the CID, and legal advice sought, he added.

Umar asked his opponents not to destroy the local game that is with a history of nearly 100 years for greed of positions and other gains.

Manil claims two-thirds of power at league level

Also speaking here, Dr. Fernando said they made commitments to get the ban lifted and are contesting to serve football for the next four years without delving into the past wrongs of others.

He claimed that his camp wields two-thirds of power at the league level.

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