Protestors have completed 2,000 days of agitation in Ampara to demand justice for the war-missing in the north and the east.

Relatives of the victims of enforced disappearances joined together on 09 August and called for international expertise and involvement in excavations at the newest mass grave found at Kokkutuduvai.

They marched from near a Kovil at Thambiluvil to Tirukkovil clock tower junction, where a protest took place.

Media footage showed them reading slogans out of paper which they eventually burnt to symbolize the denial of justice for them.

Mariyasuresh Iswari from Mullaitivu said they would not abandon the struggle for their loved ones despite any threat by the government.

For nearly 15 years, there have been calls for international interventions to determine the fate of Tamils who had either surrendered or abducted.




Both certificates of absence and compensation offered by the government have been rejected.

On the same day of the protest, president Ranil Wickremesinghe told parliament that he understood the need for justice for these people.

The process would gather momentum once a truth seeking mechanism is in full force, he said.

Out of 21,374 complaints received by the Office of Missing Persons, 3,462 have been investigated, the president said.

A total of Rs. 40.6 million had been paid as compensation by July 2023, the president added.


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