People of Mannar are on a protest to demand the restoration of their normal life that has been adversely affected by a newly-built wind power plant in their area.

The agitation coincided with the opening of the plant by minister Kanchana Wijesekara on 06 August.

Hiruras Power, an affiliate of Windfoss, built the 15 mw plant with six wind towers.

Two of the turbines are located near Naruvilikulam village, which are having an adverse impact on the life and the livelihood of the inhabitants.


A villager explained to journalists how the high-velocity hum of the turbines disrupts the fisheries industry. Those who earned Rs. 1,000 a day now eke out Rs. 200 only, he said.

No response has come their way despite MPs and even the president being informed of their predicament.

Villagers want the operation of two turbines in their immediate vicinity be halted or relocated.

A woman said the situation was affecting the education of their children badly.

The power and energy ministry said the work on the plant had been completed ahead of schedule by local engineers.



Hirriras Power 2023

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