More than 100 children's rights, women's rights and human rights activists, lawyers and organisations and corporate professionals have submitted a letter to the President calling for his support for the Penal Code (Amendment) Bill and ending discrimination against LGBT Sri Lankans.

The organisations and activists include Child Protection Force, Stop Child Cruelty Trust, Child Protection Alliance, Women in Need, Family Planning Association and iProbono.

The authors of the letter urged the President to not believe lies propagated by politically motivated actors that the proposed bill will decriminalise child abuse.

The respected children's and human rights activists and lawyers explained that children are adequately and better protected through several provisions in the Penal Code that provide increased penalties for child abusers.

They reminded the President that Sections 365 and 365A of the Penal Code have been used to criminalise the lives of innocent people and spread false propaganda that LGBT people are child abusers.

Repealing these laws would correct a historical injustice against a vulnerable community that has contributed greatly to Sri Lanka’s cultural, educational, social and economic development.


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