The return of two Sri Lankan drug traffickers taken into custody in Madagascar is being delayed by one day, said police headquarters sources.

They were expected to be brought back home this morning (14), but a flight interruption has prevented the plan.

From Madagascar, they were taken by an African airline flight to a Middle Eastern country, where they were kept in transit.

A four-member CID team has gone to Madagascar for Nandun Chinthaka alias ‘Harak Kata’ and Salindu Malshitha Gunaratne alias ‘Kudu Salindu’.

They are accompanied on their return by two Madagascan law enforcement officials.

The arrest of the two along with six others, including Chinthaka’s Malaysian wife and her father, was made on February 01, just two weeks after they arrived in Madagascar by private jet.

With special attention paid to their protection, authorities have decided they would remain under CID custody under the PTA.

There have been intelligence reports that the duo has had close connections with certain corrupt police officials, who too, are to be investigated in due course.

Meanwhile, the father of has Karunaratne lodged a complaint with the Human Rights Commission (HRCSL), claiming a threat to the life of his son.

He will be in danger of getting killed while under arrest, in the same manner Makandure Madush, Kosgoda Tharaka were killed, said the complaint.

The father has sought the HRCSL’s intervention to ensure the safety of his son.


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