Eight people including Nadun Chinthaka Wickratamaratne alias Harak Kata and Salindu Malshitha Gunaratne alias Kudu Salidu, who are two of the top underworld criminals in the country’s drug trade have been arrested by security authorities in Madagascar.

As reported yesterday (06) by L’EXPRESS website, which is a leading media network in Madagascar, these 8 people were arrested at Ivato International Airport in Madagascar.

Among them is a woman who claims to be Harak Kata’s wife, a Malagasy national.

According to the report of this website, it is said that Harak Kata and others were arrested on March 01. Five other arrived at the country’s Nosy Be International Airport on February 12 in a private jet. According to local media reports, they were arrested on the March or when they were leaving Madagascar.

At the time of arrest, Harak Kata had posed as a rich businessman. He had been dressed in a blue European suit. The rest of the group including Kudu Salindu had appeared as bodyguard of Harak Kata.

According to the orders and police reports obtained by the courts of Sri Lanka, the Interpol have issued red notices against the underworld criminals including Harak Kata.

According to the red notice of the International Police, only Hark Kata has been clearly identified by the Madagascar security forces. It is said that Kudu Salindu has been identified through inquiries and investigations.


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The premises where Harak Kata and the gang stayed.


According to local media reports, Harak Kata and others arrived at Ivato Airport in two luxury cars from the hotel they were staying. Authorities had found more that 38 million in that country’s local currency in the possession of the woman who pretends to be Harak Kata’s wife.

According to the media reports, Harak Kata distributes drugs in Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore, Seychelles, Maldives and Madagascar. It is stated in the media reports that Harak Kata and others will be deported to Sri Lanka.

It has been learned through unofficial sources in Sri Lanka that there are other people involved in the drug network among the rest of the suspects.

But the International Police Branch of the Criminal Investigation Department has not officially received information about this arrest.

Even the Police Narcotics Bureau, which had arranged to obtain red notices from the International Police against the suspects, had not received information about this.

A senior police officer stated that they would check information from Madagascar about this arrest through the International Police and confirm the facts about this arrest. The officer said that after confirming the facts, official discussions will be held with the country and necessary steps will be taken to bring the suspects to Sri Lanka.

The official added that a team from the Criminal Investigation Department may be sent to the country to interrogate them and bring them back.

Before this, Harak Kata was arrested by the Dubai Police according to an International Police Red Notice. At that time too, Kudu Salindu was with him and they had fake passports.

He was released by the Dubai Police on October 3 because as the it could not properly complete the legal documents required to deport him to Sri Lanka on time.



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