President Ranil Wickremesinghe said the process of building a new economy suitable for the modern world would be started through the budget proposals for next year.

He proposed the setting up of a presidential task force to carry out monitoring functions to expedite implementation of all these proposals.

Presenting budget 2023 for the second reading in parliament today (14) in his capacity as the minister of finance, the president said, “I request all of you to join and support the journey of bringing positive change in the country through these budget proposals.”

“We are taking these suggestions as background, let's prepare a new economic base. Let's come to a common consensus and create a national economic policy framework. Let’s implement that policy framework for the next 25 years.”

“Every 5 years we can review our progress. Through such a review, we get the opportunity to further develop the policies that can make our journey towards our goal successful.”

“The sectoral committees can play a big role when the budget proposals that I have presented are implemented through government officials. The finance committees can effectively intervene in the exercise of reducing public expenditure.”

“Is the long-term development of a country based on popular decisions? Or the right decisions? In many cases, popular decisions were taken instead of correct decisions in our country. Even today many people make popular decisions.”

The president also said, “These young people hope for a better day. Hope for a good country. A new approach, a new program that goes beyond traditional political methods such as agitations, struggles and strikes is expected.”



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