Keerthi Gunawardane was elected as the new president of the Federation of Chamber of Commerce & Industry Sri Lanka ( FCCISL) at its 47th annual general meeting and will take over the reins from first lady president Shirley Jayawardane.

Keerthi Gunawardane is an economics special graduate from the Sri Jayawardanepura University and obtained his post graduate qualifications from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka in the field of Business and Financial Administration.

In addition, he has qualified himself at Colombo University for Hypermedia Engineering and Multimedia Technology.

Speaking on his appointment as president of FCCISL, Keerthi Gunawardane said, “I am deeply honoured and privileged to be the president of the Federation of Chamber of Commerce & Industry Sri Lanka. I have contributed a lot to the chamber movement in Sri Lanka. The past presidents of FCCISL have successfully created a strong reputation for the organisation. I should add more value to our member chambers and create an environment where all our members could benefit from the FCCISL.”

“I am taking over the presidency of the FCCISL at a very crucial time after covid-19 and amid the biggest economic crisis of our life time. FCCISL has a glorious history of productive work for the benefit of member chambers and projects beneficial for their members. I will take the necessary steps to support the chambers and their members to improve their capacities in every possible way,” he added.

FCCISL was set up in 1973 and is the largest and most representative apex business organisation of Sri Lankan business.

It is also the most widely spread business organisation with member bodies from all districts and provinces of Sri Lanka with a nationwide membership of over 63 chambers of commerce and business associations.

FCCISL has the shared vision of Sri Lankan businesses and speaks directly and indirectly to well over 25,000 business units.


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