A Tamil political party in Sri Lanka has accused the Indian media of creating false news, aimed at sabotaging nationwide protests against the Rajapaksa government.

“There is an attempt to sabotage the nationwide anti-government protests and commemoration of the Mullivaikkal massacre by fabricating news through “The Hindu” newspaper that the LTTE is resurrecting,” said the leader of the Tamil Eelam Liberation Organization (TELO), Selvam Adaikkalanathan, MP.

He was addressing journalists in Vavuniya after attending a memorial service for Christie Kugarajah, the former Vavuniya District Secretary of TELO. “People died for us at Mullivaikkal. They fought hard against Gotabhaya and Mahinda Rajapaksas. But the Sinhalese people brought them to power. Now they have proved that they cannot run the country,” said Adaikkalanathan.

A few days prior to the Tamil Genocide remembrance day events, “The Hindu” newspaper reported that that the former cadre of LTTE was regrouping to launch attacks in Sri Lanka, quoting unnamed Indian intelligence.

"Such news is designed to undermine the Mullivaikkal genocide remembrance and anti-government protests. This is unacceptable," said the MP.

“We support the anti-Rajapaksa protests of the Sinhalese people. The Sinhalese people should also join us in the remembrance of those who gave their lives for the freedom of our nation,” he added.