The forced demolition of the Mullivaikkal memorial monument inside the Jaffna University and the backlash it created globally has rekindled the call for strong

action from the UNHRC.

A leading Member of Parliament from the Labour Party, Siobhain McDonagh has urged to British government to move a strong resolution against Sri Lanka in the ensuing UNHRC meeting scheduled in March.

Speaking in Parliament, the MP for Mitcham and Morden criticised the Rajapaksa brothers strongly and said they face accusations of crimes against humanity for their role in killing thousands of their own people at the end of the civil war.

She has urged the British government to prove its leadership in the global arena by moving a resolution against Sri Lanka in the strongest terms for the promotion and protection of Human Rights, justice and accountability in Sri Lanka.

“The destruction of Mullivaikkal Tamil genocide memorial monument at the University of Jaffna is an act that undermines truth justice and accountability that would set Sri Lanka on a path to lasting peace," she noted.

According to her, bringing in a strong resolution will speak high about Britain’s stand in support of democracy and Human Rights.“It’s how the UK responds to the ongoing injustices in Sri Lanka and in support of democracy and human rights and the rule of law that will speak volumes for our leadership role on the international stage," she said.

She wants the British government to ensure a new resolution is agreed on this issue. “A resolution that would maintain human rights monitoring by the office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, a resolution that would mandate a mechanism to gather, preserve and analyse evidence for future investigations and prosecutions that build on the work of previous UN investigators and a resolution that would call upon the office for the High Commissioner for Human Rights to prepare a report on options for international action for the promotion and protection of Human Rights justice and accountability in Sri Lanka,” her speech in parliament said.

The MP has urged the government in the strongest terms to ensure that Britain uses the unique opportunity in March that provides to continue the global leadership her country has previously demonstrated on this issue and to show on the international stage that the nation is truly global Britain.

During her speech, she also pointed out the Sri Lankan government has placed their senior allies in government positions including the military commanders accused of war crimes and politicians accused of corruption, violence and common criminality.

The present Sri Lankan government withdrew from a UNHRC resolution for investigating alleged war crimes.In February 2020 Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister Dinesh Gunawardana informed the UNHRC that GOSL has decided to withdraw from the co-sponsorship of UNHRC resolution 40/1 on promoting accountability, reconciliation, and human rights.

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