Gas World (Pvt) Ltd., a leading provider of industrial gases and healthcare solutions in Sri Lanka, announced the successful installation and commissioning of five cutting-edge Cryogenic Oxygen Tanks at hospitals across the nation in September 2023.

These installations signify a crucial step in enhancing the country's healthcare capacity by ensuring a consistent and reliable supply of life-saving oxygen.

The newly installed Liquid Oxygen Tanks, each tailored to meet specific hospital needs, are as follows:

1. Kalmunai Base Hospital - A substantial 6000-liter tank.
2. Walasmulla Base Hospital - A 3000-liter tank.
3. Nawalapitiya District General Hospital - A 6000-liter tank.
4. National Hospital of Colombo - An impressive 10,000-liter tank.
5. Mahamodara General Hospital - Another 6000-liter tank.

This significant achievement was made possible through the generous financing provided by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The successful execution of these projects was also made possible through the close coordination and unwavering support of the Ministry of Health, dedicated doctors, and committed officials from government hospitals.

In a collaborative effort with its sister company, Industrial Gases (Pvt) Ltd., Gas World (Pvt) Ltd. has proudly installed and commissioned a noteworthy total of 55 liquid gas tanks across Sri Lanka.

Among this remarkable tally, 36 tanks have been strategically dedicated to the supply of Liquid Medical Oxygen within hospital settings. These tanks are an indispensable support system, serving a diverse spectrum of critical medical applications and services.

Notably, during the challenging phases of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Gas World Sri Lanka Group rose to the occasion by installing and commissioning 21 Cryogenic Oxygen Tanks. This critical support ensured an uninterrupted supply of medical oxygen during the nation's most trying healthcare crisis.

With these latest installations, Gas World (Pvt) Ltd. reaffirms its commitment to the well-being of the nation by bolstering the healthcare infrastructure. These installations strengthen the capacity of healthcare facilities to respond effectively to the healthcare needs of the population.

The Gas World Group has evolved into a premier expert in cryogenic gas tank installation and commissioning, and their expertise now extends well beyond tank installations.

They have ventured into establishing liquid gas production plants, carbon dioxide manufacturing systems, cryogenic pipeline and manifold systems, and custom gas engineering projects solidifying their position as pioneers in the industry.

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